George Patten

“The whole concept of this boat was to make it voluminous, roomy, stable and yet, still graceful and beautiful.”George Patten, designer

George Patten also wanted the Patten 22 to be a lot fun to cruise for day or night out to the Isles of Shoal or up into Great Bay. After all, he grew up in Newcastle, NH a stones throw from the mouth of Portsmouth Harbor and the North Atlantic and has had a lifetime of fun and adventure on the water. As a boy he doodled pictures of boats he imagined. In his 20’s he became a boat builder, the only independent builder Hinckley Yachts ever allowed to finish one of their hulls. Today his designs are not just imagined, they’re built in Eliot Maine on the Piscataqua River where there is a 300 year tradition of building the world’s best Navy vessels, boats and yachts. It’s a tradition that continues today at Patten yachts.



Every Patten 22 is hand built by our dedicated team of skilled Maine craftsman.


You can see our skill in the exquisite teak helm, teak starboard seating, teak vanity below, first quality hatches, stainless steel hardware and the flawless finish of every surface. Every bit as important, you will feel our commitment to craftsmanship in the soft, stable ride and the surprising speed and ease it moves through the water. Did we mention her exquisite looks? A beautiful blend of contemporary design and classic Maine lines. We launch our boats just a few feet from where they are built and hope you will be here for the launching of your Patten 22.



Yamaha’s lightweight, powerful and compact In-Line F200, the next step in four-stroke performance. Its strategic design makes this outboard the lightest in its class.

Capable of 40 knots, yet clean and fuel efficient. How do we do it? That’s easy. We take George Patten’s extraordinary quick-planing hull design and marry it to Yamaha’s lightweight, powerful and compact In-Line F200, the next step in four-stroke performance and in our opinion, the most technologically advanced outboard in the industry. But performance isn’t just about speed it’s about stability and confidence in the hull that carries you and your family out for a day of fun on the water. Patten Yachts has invested in tooling, molds and a manufacturing process that results in a hull far stronger and more reliable than most production boats. It allows us to build a boat that is not only roomy and comfortable but with the structural integrity and peace of mind you and your family deserve. Like we always say, “be safe and have fun.”

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Smith Yacht Sales is the exclusive dealer for Patten Yachts in New England.  Please contact Eric, Dana, John, Leisa or Kyle at (781) 749-9989 or email Eric at  Smith Yacht Sales was founded on a simple premise – keep the client’s best interest in mind. We have lived by this premise for 20 years and have developed long lasting relationships and friendships and successes as a result of it.  If you have an existing boat, we provide full brokerage services.  Our end objective is to put you in the boat that is right for you.  More information can be found at

Tom Allen

Tom Allen

Tom Allen is the sole principal of Kittery Point Yacht Yard (KPYY). KPYY operates Maine’s two southernmost yacht yards, marina and storage facilities on the banks of the Piscataqua River with an emphasis on service and compiling the most talented crew in the region. Mr. Allen is an active board member of the Maine Marine Trades Association and active member of Maine Built Boats.
George Patten

George Patten

George A. Patten, a designer and boat builder by trade, has built fine vessels over the past 35 years up to 55 feet, most notably, the Pipedream 36’ Sloop designed by the late Francis Kinney of Sparkman & Stevens. The Patten 22 was designed by Mr. Patten and three years of design and testing were invested in achieving its performance objectives.

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